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Lost Hearts started in my good friends' basement. We both wanted to start clothing brands but did not know where to start. So we went to Michaels and I bought a heat press machine, and he bought a Cricut cutter. After that, I was in the process of making a design and I came up with the one below. After I got the design, I made a sample on a hoodie I already had. I took a picture of the finished product on social media and my peers loved it. This made me extremely motivated to release my first collection of hoodies. I started with 25 blank black hoodies I ordered from a wholesale website. Once I got the blank hoodies it was production time. I was spending 6-8 hours a day creating these hoodies by hand. The process was extremely humbling and fun because I was using my hands to create an art piece. Once I finished all the hoodies I created a website and started to sell my hoodies online. The first collection of hoodies I dropped sold out within a few days. I was extremely motivated to keep going with my brand. That is how Lost Hearts got started.