I was raised in the city of Chicago. It all started one sleepless night; I had a vision, that eventually evolved into the “Lost Hearts” brand. When you buy and support Lost Hearts, you are helping better the ecosystem. We’ve committed to donating part of the profits to SaveTheBoundaryWaters. SaveTheBoundaryWaters Is the most visited place in the United States. Communities come here to hike, fish, swim, and bond together. The Boundary Waters is the largest wilderness east of the Rockies and north of the Everglades. By you purchasing Lost Hearts merchandise you are contributing to keep this alive.


The reason why I am doing this, I want the young generation to be able to experience the things that I have experienced as a kid. I grew up playing outside playing kickball , tag, basketball, going down by the river, skipping rocks. These were the things that made me who I am today. These are being taken away from our youth due to technology.


Our generation so caught up on their phones, we never take the time to appreciate the things that are in front of us. We call it life. Doing everything you love doing outside whether it's hiking, camping, fishing, going on a nature walk with your shoes off. That is what Lost Hearts is all about. My mission is everyone Lost their heart to nature.